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As a Composer

Knack for minimal rhythmic elements.

During his more than 40 years as a founder and director of the Collegium Musicum Bocholt (an amateur orchestra) and the Israel van Meckenem Consort (an ensemble based on Renaissance wind instruments), he wrote several compositions and commissions for viola solo, violoncello solo, and double bass solo as well as for string trio and recorder ensemble.

Stylistically, the work of Karl Thöne, with its rhythmic and percussive elements is most closely related to the music of Paul Hindemith. He often took his motivic material from Renaissance music, which he studied intensively. In addition to his compositions, he created some wood and linocuts with motives from the world of music.

Professional Work


Teacher (German, Music)

Secondary School for Boys and Girls, Bocholt


Founder, director

Collegium musicum Bocholt


Teacher (Brass, choir)

Albert Schweitzer Secondary School, Bocholt


Teacher (Music)

I. v. Meckenem Secondary School, Bocholt



St. Gudula Church Choir, Rhede



Retiree & focused on composing

As a Pedagogue

The resourceful teacher.

After graduating in 1953 he started teaching German and Music at the Secondary School for Boys and Girls in Bocholt. 

Karl Thöne and his wife, Ingeborg, then moved to Bocholt in 1957 where he was appointed as a teacher at the Albert Schweitzer Secondary School and later at the Israel van Meckenem Secondary School Bocholt and used his talent while teaching various school ensembles such as brass bands and choir for school performances.


He retired in 1982.

“Gerade in dieser Verbindung von eigenem Schaffen und Hinführen zu den Werten musischer Erziehung sehe ich den stärksten Impuls, auf die Jugend und mit der Jugend in der Schule zu wirken.”

— Karl Thöne
Bocholt, 14 Oct, 1960

“I see the strongest impulse to work with and on youth in schools in the connection between my own creative work and guiding towards the values of artistic education.”

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