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Hello and welcome to the website of Karl Thöne!


Together with my siblings, we have created this website in honour of our late father, Karl Thöne, who was a composer, conductor and educator to share his compositions with the world.


As most of his works were written by hand, I wanted to make it easy to read and accessible to everyone. Hence for the purpose of this, I have commission a colleague of mine at the National Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia to transcribe most of his important works into digital formats. 


Karl Thöne’s major works are mainly for stringed instruments, consisting of both solo and chamber music. Our father has dedicated some of his works to us for various purposes such as music exams and competitions.  Akinorev I and Akinorev II were both dedicated to me, as you might have been able to deciper it: it spells Veronika in reverse! 


To all visitors of this site: should you be interested to explore and play our father’s compositions, feel free to download and use any of the music here at no charge! 


On a side note: A huge number of his works have not been officially premiered, and these works will not be released until then. We have plans to premiere on of his major compositions at his 100th Anniversary Festival, which is set to happen in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2024. For more details, we will update any information regarding the festival here on this website.


Enjoy the website and please do not hesitate to contact me for any enquiry.

Datin Veronika Thöne

Nov 2023, Kuala Lumpur

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